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July 2003 EskieFriends RescuER Auction
Learn about this auction's purpose by reading the information page!

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

Auction items and updates are accessed via the Listing Page!

Auction Details:

"EskieFriends" is NOT 501(c)3. Your donations are NOT tax-deductible, but they will help out in this effort!

We have 9 rescue groups participating in this auction, with over 170 packages. Make sure you check ALL the donations BEFORE you start bidding...there are LOTS of great items, so don't miss any of them! Due to the large number of items, if an item does not get a bid, we will NOT be lowering any opening bids in this auction. Most opening bids have been assigned by the rescuers.

To ALL the rescuers involved in THIS auction, this is our way to say THANK YOU! And, many, many, MANY dogs will give you the woofs and licks you so well deserve for giving them the chance to find a loving, permanent home!

I will be including rescue poems/stories in the nightly updates. Be sure to read them. Place a bid to tell the rescuers THANKS for the work they do...with the high stress of rescue work, rescuers need a heartfelt "appreciation" now and then!

The RescuER auction requirements for this auction are:
-Rescuers must be active in rescuing/fostering Eskies ("The Dog Beautiful").
-Rescuers must "Bring Their Own Donations".
-Once they are a participant, ANYONE can donate on their behalf.
-Each rescuer gets 100% of the $$ raised by their donations and those donated TO them(these are the items in "their" sections!).
-ANYONE can donate to "General Rescue".
-The general rescue $$ will be divided up between all the participants. Amount will be pro-rated to each rescuer's total. In other words, the "general total" will be divided by percentage of each rescuer's total, thus rescuers are rewarded for the time, donations, and effort they devoted to this auction(as was done the previous 2 years in the RescuER auction!).

What is a rescuer? Though one could get into a lot of detail, as rescue work involves many angles and considerations, a simple description is that a rescuer is a person or group of people who "rescue" stray, surrendered, abandoned, abused, neglected, or otherwise "unwanted" dogs and cats from unfortunate situations in life! Thus, when animals are taken into "shelters" or other such local organizations, or sometimes brought right to the rescuers, it is the rescuers who are often the saving grace these animals so desperately need! As many are faced with the ultimatum of immediate "placement" or "euthanization," rescuers do their very best to help find new, loving homes for these formerly "unwanted" creatures! Fosters will "foster" a dog or cat until a "good" home can be found, thus buying a little more time, and possibly developing some social interaction for the animal prior to placement! Most rescuers are VERY particular about the homes they adopt to as they do NOT want to see these dogs and cats BACK out on the streets in yet another unloving instance! Just about everyone involved in rescue work is a firm believer in "responsible pet ownership" and they know all too well that if more people took that as what it is: a RESPONSIBILITY to care for the creatures God has put in our care, there would be far less need for the work they do. They would love to see EVERY dog, cat, and ALL creatures have loving, permanent homes! Rescue folks put LOTS of their own time and money into their efforts.....with one motive.....THEY CARE! They care about the dogs and cats they work with, and seek to give them what they so rightly deserve: A Second Chance to Live a Good Life! And, this is why we are so proud to make THIS auction one that helps those who help give dogs (Eskies in particular!) and other animals(friends of the eskies!) exactly what the very theme of these auctions is: Giving Life a Second Chance!

Participating rescuers are NOT listed in order of importance. They are ALL very important. Names are listed in the order that I received their auction donation info.

Winners pay NO SHIPPING. Shipping is paid by the donors. If you wish to remain ANONymous (to buy a gift for a special someone), we will honor your request. Just let me know. Pick up some neat items- either for yourself or for gifts! Oh, don't forget gifts for all your fuzzies!!

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

All bids are date and time stamped. Bidding remains in the automated form as the previous few auctions. Just enter your bid, name, email address, and after previewing your bid details, hit the BID NOW button, and everything else takes care of itself!
Please include your name (FIRST AND LAST) when submitting all bids. Winners will be notified by email. All auction payments are appreciated ASAP but no later than 30 days after you receive the official winning notice. Payment is by check or money order in US funds only. If you are not familiar with the rules, please see the rules page. See further "after the auction" details lower on this page as well!

Click on the "Listing" page link to see the items up for auction this time. If you want to know more about navigating this auction, please see the "guide" or "news" pages for more details. You can use the "grey bar" at the top(and now bottom too) of EACH page to navigate within a fundraiser!

If you wish to donate something but do not know where to find dog items, or if you don't have time to shop, email me privately at pcassel@pa.net. I'm always looking for clearance and best buy items. A few canine vendors offer me discounts.

After this auction, I will be taking a short break. I think we will ALL need it after this big auction!
Eskie Hugs & Kisses, Luv & Licks,
Pat and the EskKeeVille Keesies & Eskies
If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?
If not this dog, then which dog?

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

Further information on "after this auction" stuff :

ATTN: WINNERS: Your wins will be shipped after Jill (auction treasurer) receives your payment. PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED ASAP BUT NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER MY NOTIFICATION TO YOU. Payment reminders will be sent out if needed. If there is a problem with payment, we will work with you, just let me know. If you have extenuating circumstances and need cooperation, we will be very patient and work with you as much as humanly possible. Soooo....don't hesitate to participate....but do realize that we need to "close" each fundraiser at some point and move on. We hold these fundraisers to help the dogs. They CAN NOT wait forever for a pledged donation! We do have bills to pay, sometimes paying the vet directly!! If you have any questions on these issues, please email me at: pcassel@pa.net If you have NOT RECEIVED YOUR PACKAGE WITHIN 14 days after Jill receives your payment, please contact me at pcassel@pa.net
ATTN: DONORS: NON-CUSTOMIZED packages are EXPECTED TO BE MAILED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT. Customized packages are to be shipped within a reasonable timeframe. We need to "close" each fundraiser at some point and move on.

This Auction: | Front | Item Listing | Information /

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