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Sept. 2004 Keeshond Lovers United(KLU) Auction

Learn about this auction's purpose by reading below AND on the the information page!

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

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Auction Details:
The Third Annual Keeshond Lovers United, Inc AUCTION

First and foremost, 100% of the money raised from this auction will go to Keeshond Lovers United, Inc. (KLU), a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue organization serving the midwest with KS and MO licensed shelters. The proceeds from this auction will be divided 50/50 between the Gidget Fund and KLU's general operating fund.

The KLU general fund pays for vet, medical, grooming, training, equipment, food and supplement costs for rescued keeshonden. Kris, KLU co-founder, has helped with American Eskimo rescue for years now and has had several puppymill reskies in her home. During a ND puppymill buyout, she volunteered to foster 5 needy/pregnant Eskies when Eskie fosterhomes were unavailable.

The mission of the Gidget Fund is to provide funding for expenses related to the senior keeshond to enable the senior dog and its owner to enjoy the golden years together. By helping senior dogs only, the Gidget Fund does not duplicate efforts by other clubs or organizations but complements them so they can devote their funds to other areas needing assistance. The Gidget Fund hopes to relieve the Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation of all financial responsibility for older keeshonds to allow KSRF funds to help more of the younger dogs in rescue.

Priorities for funding will be as follows: (1) KLU senior foster dogs (2) Other senior foster keeshonden with geographical priority first in the midwest and central states and then other states/provinces (3) KLU adopted senior rescues (4) other adopted senior rescues. A senior dog is nine years or older; a foster dog is a keeshond available for adoption through a recognized rescue group or shelter; an adopted rescue is a keeshond adopted from a person or organization other than a reputable breeder, backyard breeder or pet store. Each request for funding will be evaluated individually by the directors of the Gidget Fund to determine monetary disbursements. Auctions and donations will be hosted to provide funding for individual cases and to supplement the general fund. The permanent or adoptive foster home will be asked to help financially, based on their ability to donate.

Sponsors will also be solicited for senior foster dogs that may be placed in permanent foster homes.

The Gidget Fund now has its own website at

This auction will end on Wednesday Sept. 15th, 2004 at 10 PM EDT. Please submit your first and last name when placing all bids. If you wish to be anon, we will honor your request. Put ANON in the name field.

Shipping is additional to the items, and will depend on items won. Please Contact Kris after the auction for a total of your shipping plus items. Insurance can be optional for certain items as well, so ask if you are interested in insurance on any of your items won. Nightly updates will be sent out during the auction; ff you are not a member of the Kees list list and would like to receive the nightly updates, let me know. I will be happy to add you to my distribution list.

KLU will evaluate these senior dogs, rehab them, and then use the Gidget Fund to place the senior dogs in loving homes. The Gidget Fund is a fund focusing on older dogs. First priority is heartworm treatment for these older dogs. Next, is implementing their "senior to senior" program. KLU plans to place senior dogs in the homes of senior citizens - "lifetime" fosters, so to speak. The Gidget fund will pay all medical, grooming and food costs, if necessary. Plus, KLU will provide a human mentor to help with transportation, shopping, etc. This fund will pay for all of this plus advertising costs.

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

Senior dogs are an added blessing to our lives, and will add so much to senior citizens' lives. Plus, these 2L seniors will be saving Kees' lives! It's a win-win situation.

It takes a special person to adopt an older dog. The old dogs are usually the last to be adopted. Unfortunately, some must journey to the Bridge due to lack of homes. If YOU can, add a senior dog to YOUR family. There are many needing saved, and you will truly be haven't experienced "all the unconditional love available", until you are owned by a senior dog!!

For KLU's available dogs list:

I, along with all KLU members, and the fuzzybutts send a big THANK YOU to all the donators and all the bidders for supporting this fundraiser. Good luck and thank you in…giving life a second chance!

KLU accepts MasterCard or Visa, money orders and checks (payable to KLU). Details on sending/making payment will be included in final auction notices sent to winning bidders!

All bids are date and time stamped. Bidding remains in the automated form as the previous few auctions. Just enter your bid, name, email address, and after previewing your bid details, hit the BID NOW button, and everything else takes care of itself!
Please include your name (FIRST AND LAST) when submitting all bids. Winners will be notified by email. All auction payments are appreciated ASAP but no later than 30 days after you receive the official winning notice. Payment is by check or money order in US funds only. If you are not familiar with the rules, please see the rules page. See further "after the auction" details lower on this page as well!

Click on the "Listing" page link to see the items up for auction this time. You can use the "grey bar" at the top and bottom of EACH page to navigate within a fundraiser!

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

Further information on "after this auction" stuff :

ATTN: WINNERS: Your wins will be shipped after KLU receives your payment. PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED ASAP BUT NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER MY NOTIFICATION TO YOU. Payment reminders will be sent out if needed. If there is a problem with payment, we will work with you, just let me know. If you have extenuating circumstances and need cooperation, we will be very patient and work with you as much as humanly possible. Soooo....don't hesitate to participate....but do realize that we need to "close" each fundraiser at some point and move on. We hold these fundraisers to help the dogs. They CAN NOT wait forever for a pledged donation! If you have any questions on these issues, please email me at: If you have NOT RECEIVED YOUR PACKAGE WITHIN 14 days after KLU receives your payment, please contact me at

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