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Welcome to the EskieFriends Site!
(If you have questions navigating the site, please see the "guide" and/or "news" sections linked above!)

KLU: Keeshond Lovers United, Inc. Auction- Click Here to Access!

July 2003 EskieFriends RescuER Auction
Click here to go to this Auction's pages
$3796.00 raised in this effort!

This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

Auction items and updates are accessed via the Listing Page!

June 2003 Auction to help Bobby
This auction is now over, but results will remain posted for reference.

This auction was held to raise funds for Bobby.
Click on image below to go to the Auction pages!

May 2003 Raffle for Fritz, Rocky, & Dudley

This raffle was held to raise funds for Eskies Fritz, Rocky & Dudley's recent bills. 100% of the money raised in this raffle will be used for these three eskies, or if the amount raised exceeds their medical bills, the excess will be put in the "DogBowl" to help future dire need dogs.
A few of the great items up for raffle are pictured below.
Click on any item to go to the Raffle pages!
(these are the just 8 of the great items that were up for raffle in this offering!)

April 2003 Dogbowl Payout: Beau

Read Beau's story by clicking here, or on the picture above.

PAST fundraisers are accessible via the "Past Fundraisers" page....please see that page for recent and other past efforts!
Giving Life a Second Chance
These auctions/raffles are held to help needy eskies(and sometimes eskie friends!). It is through the generous help of EVERYONE that we have been able to do so much together! If you can donate an item(though doggy items are most welcome, all kinds of donations are encouraged), please consider doing so. If you want to help, but don't want to "shop", let Pat know as she often gets some great items at great prices, and you can donate items by utilizing her "resources". Or possibly other ways.....it is ALL that we do together that helps! And, don't forget, the auctions and raffles are GREAT ways to find some common(as well as not so common) items....MANY eskie and dog related...spread the word!!! If you are looking for an item, let Pat know, and she can add it to the "Wishlist"....MANY items have shown up on the auctions via such requests! We will have another auction together before long, so do contact Pat if you are interested in helping......together...we can all help out in...
Giving Life a Second Chance...

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